It is my pleasure to write an introduction to our first edition of Volume 2. As we publish our first journal of 2020, Fertility & Reproduction (F&R) is just turning one year old. It is a good time to review our first year of publication, and what we have achieved.

During our first year, we had 52 papers submitted, and of these 31 were accepted and published. These included ten reviews, on varied topics from an “update on Zika Virus” to the “historical review of the steroid hormones used in oral contraceptives”. The original research articles varied from research on “why women delayed childbirth”, to the study of “sperm chromatin”, and the “reproductive outcome in women who conceive with PCOS”. If you are a regular reader, I am sure that there have been many articles of interest for you.

Our 2020 target is to be included in PubMed listings. I understand that we can apply to be considered once we have published 50 articles. We also hope to receive an impact factor, but this will take longer.

However, for F&R to grow and excel we need YOU the researchers and academic clinicians to submit your work so we have a chance of publishing it. Without submissions of papers there can be no Journal. We are unique, in that your abstract will be published in the natural language of the author if this is not English, so you can share your work with your local colleagues in their natural language.

So, I would ask you as part of the Asia Pacific scientific community to support our own journal, and let’s get it up there with the leading journals in reproductive medicine.

We are now accepting manuscripts for our upcoming issue, Vol 2 Issue 2. We will be printing the accepted manuscripts for this issue in hard copy and distributed at our congress, ASPIRE 2020 in Manila this August. Do submit your manuscripts to us early!

Submission deadline for F&R Vol 2 Issue 2: 12th June 2020

Professor Gab Kovacs
Fertility & Reproduction (The Official Journal of ASPIRE)

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